Visual Art School attains high pass rate


NATIONAL Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) last week observed International Day of Education following the National Gallery School of Visual Art and Design (NGSVAD) 100 percent pass rate for 2019.
NGSVAD had two students for the National Diploma in Fine Art final, four students for the National Diploma in Fine Art Year One and five students in the National Certificate in Applied Art and Design class.
“We will observe International Day of Education by celebrating and raising awareness on the importance of art education especially in light of the curriculum that focuses on art as a change agent in the way children learn,” said the NGZ curator for education Fadzai Muchemwa.
Muchemwa told the Daily News that they, however, hope to see the school grow in capacity and the kind of programmes offered so as to become even more relevant to the practice of the artist.
She said gender representation at the school is at 50-50 and they continue to strive for gender parity in enrolment.
“We feel confident in the type of artists coming out of the school and we have always known this and such a good pass rate validates our faith in the kind of work the school does,” Muchemwa said.
She, however, said the transformative impact of art education is related to behaviours that contribute to the health of the civil society such as increased civic engagement, greater social tolerance and reductions in other-regarding behaviour.
Muchemwa said adults are more than likely to participate in socially engaged practices that are for the greater good.
“There is a lack of data on what actually goes on in the schools so we can make strategic decisions on how we can help or intervene as the majority of schools are unaware that they can actually engage with us for resource support.”

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