Mr Zim donates to the needy


REIGNING Mr Zimbabwe People’s Choice King Tatenda Njanike, pictured, has kicked off charity work for children in need of stationery and birth certificates.
Njanike recently told the Daily News that he is passionate about doing charity work for children.
“I found an organisation called I Am Zimbabwe Trust through which I am doing charity by helping children in Mbare get stationery and birth certificates.
“I don’t know if I’m being too ambitious but honestly I do hope that the tertiary project can even fund their medical aid too.”
Njanike added that so far the pageant’s patrons are currently creating the winners’ z-cards and portfolios to send to clients and organisations, therefore he had decided to take up charity work as he awaits more duties as one of the winners.
He said besides his current endeavours, through the pageant, he and the other Kings will be receiving further grooming and deportment training since they are now officially ambassadors of the Mr Zimbabwe pageant.
“In a few weeks we will be going to Zambia to complete other tasks from the pageant but personally my goal this month is to establish relationships with brands that I want to work with on a certain project I have for tertiary students.”

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