Promoter transforms ghetto youths


A music promoter is on a mission to transform the lives of ghetto youths who have had rough upbringings through managing and mentoring them to improve their livelihood through music.
Trust Jayapfuma Runesu, 31, has the past six years changed the lives of musically-talented ghetto youths such as the trending Rodney Mashiri better known as Jah Master, Boom Betto, Silverstream and Nappy Rasco who was a street child he took off the streets and is now a producer based in South Africa.
“I am inspired to help these young musicians from my very own humble beginnings. It is my wish that through closely working with them they realise that no one chooses where they come from but they have the power within them to create a better future,” Runesu told the Daily News.
He said he lives by the motto “No Soldier is Left Behind” and his aspiration is to see more managers get into the business with a passion to make a difference.
Currently, he manages a gifted musician who was left homeless after both his parents died from HIV-related illnesses. “I am not married yet and I started working closely with musicians in need after joining the United Kingdom-based Dream Team Entertainment company as their Africa region manager.
“I am grateful that Dream Team Entertainment allows me to work in line with my passion and I have vowed to help talented ghetto youths in need of a musical breakthrough.”
Runesu has in the past organised overseas gigs for artistes that cannot fund themselves.
He said right now he is currently working on Jah Master’s maiden UK tour which will feature other local musicians like Boom Betto and Hwinza among others.

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