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Sport unifies people — Zimondi

BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services (ZPCS) commissioner-general Paradzai Zimondi says sport plays a crucial role in uniting the country.

Zimondi was speaking at the ongoing ZPCS Commissioners’ Sports Week in Bulawayo yesterday, where prison officers from around the country have converged for the event.

The sports week running under the theme “Correct, Empower, Develop through Sport” began on Monday and will end today.

Prison officers are taking part in at least 10 disciplines namely athletics, chess, darts, volleyball, netball, tug of war, tennis, pool, football and golf.

Most of the events are being held at Ntabazinduna except for tennis taking place at Bulawayo Athletics Club and golf at Harry Allen Golf Course.

“Worldwide, sport is a unifier. It brings people from all over like what happened recently at the Olympic Games,” Zimondi said.

“We are also encouraging unity, interaction and good workmanship amongst our members through sport.

“As ZPCS, we have revived the games that we last held in 2012. These games bring members from different regions together so that they socialise, share ideas and learn from each other.

“In sport, our members benefit physically, emotionally and it also enhances their mental strength.”

Zimondi, who is taking part in golf, said they were planning to make the sports week an annual event.

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