Nox, Audius postpone song release


A COLLABORATION song between RnB singer Nox Guni and Audius Mtawarira has been put on hold until further notice due to coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak.

The song titled Cater to You was inspired by the subject of love and the two talented musicians made sure that the sound itself resonated with the current generation.

In an interview with the Daily News Guni said: “Well it’s a collaboration that no one saw coming and everyone is very much looking forward to.”

He said Mtawarira is one of the finest voices of our time thus the combination is just breath taking.

“I sing afro beats with a bias towards Zimbabwean sound but I’m not limited to one genre as you can see from some of my all-time hit songs like Maria, Ndinonyara, Zvandadiwa and Uchandifunga.”

Guni, however, added that they had plans to have the track out together with the video but the pandemic took over and they had to put the release on hold as people have bigger issues to attend to right now.

“It’s a life and death situation and the project can wait but plans for an album are already in place but as of now everything is on hold even though we are not relaxing and waiting for things to go back to normal. Work still needs to be done in the safety of our homes and we are doing just that,” said Guni.

He said work still needs to be done in the safety of their homes and they are doing just that because the first option is to be alive and to be alive one has to be indoors amidst this crisis.

“I’m actually using this time to connect more with my fans and stakeholders in the industry; most people are free and actually have the time to engage in meaningful and progressive conversations,” he said.

However, Guni’s latest video Handichada Mumwe is now reaching 150k views on his official Vevo account.

“This has marked the beginning of a journey biased towards great strength in visuals so that we can be able to compete at an international level with the best of the best in the world.”

“We also have a free surprise collaborations that we intend to drop as soon as the situation goes back to normal,” said Guni.

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