Mr Chinhoyi appeals to Zimbos over Covid-19


Tinashe Nekati


AS MORE and more artistes speak out on the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19), Chinhoyi-based sungura musician Jonathan Siasitumuzira has urged Zimbabweans to adhere to coronavirus guidelines given by authorities saying it is the only way the country can defeat the epidemic.

Siasitumuzira, who recently released a gospel single titled Chichemo said guidelines on social distancing, limiting movement and staying at home will save Zimbabweans from contracting and passing on the deadly virus.

“The government has imposed a 21-day lockdown in the country which we hear some people are not taking seriously. This coronavirus is real and has the potential of spreading like veld fire in the country if we are not careful. If wealthier countries like China — where the disease began — Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States can struggle to contain it, what more of countries like Zimbabwe with our own problems which needed attention well before the outbreak.

“Every citizen has a role to play in combatting the spread of the deadly virus by being responsible and practising good hygiene. It appears not important but washing one’s hands with running water and soap — like the experts say — can change everything.”

Known as Mr Chinhoyi in music circles, the singer said as musicians, they have stopped performing in line with recommendations of the government to stop gatherings in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus, adding that people should avoid listening to social media but should listen to official statements on coronavirus that are being released by the government.

“The bulk of the news on social media is fake and therefore people should listen to official sources only,” said the singer.

Zimbabwe so far has recorded eight confirmed cases of the deadly virus and one death.

Siasitumuzira released his debut album titled Zviri Mutsananguro last year while he had to put on hold his current project as the lockdown took effect. “I actually completed the guitars on one of the songs on the new album on my own at home and I continue to practise at home, making sure I do not mix with other people.”

Songs making up Zviri Mutsananguro include Hatidi Kutambura, KwaJowa, Ndinogutsikana, Ndichauyako, Madrainne, Marooro, Gogo Vheneka, Nguva ine Njodzi and Bhora Mutambo. The album was produced by Daddy Fox at Stumu Production in Chinhoyi, owned by Siasitumuzira.

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