Mutodi engages Allan


MUSICIAN Ticharurega Mutodi is following in the footsteps of his cousin and deputy information minister Energy, pursuin rhumba music.

The budding singer has roped in the services of veteran dendera musician Allan Chimbetu in a new song, a follow up to his debut project released in 2018.

Titled Makoronyera the song according to the musician is an attack on social injustice, emanating from his experience with middlemen often referred to as makoronyera in areas such as the popular Mbare Musika.

He said he learns a lot from Allan whom he said has helped him in his musical journey.

 “Allan is a long-time friend of mine; he has helped me a lot in the music arena. He has given me confidence among other things in music. I wanted to add the dendera flavour to the song,” Mutodi said.

The singer is moving on a rhumba tip and he said he is already working on the video.

 “The song was inspired by the broad social injustice in the country. It is a common phenomenon in most societies that those who work hard are not rewarded accordingly yet those who work less are the ones that tend to benefit from the efforts of the poor people,” the musician who is into social work said.

“Those who toil all day get peanuts yet those who command power and control get everything. Makoronyera are everywhere, we live with them; they are our relatives. They reap where they never sow and that seems to be the order of the day, nobody questions the role of the middle man,” he said.

Mutodi’s debut album was Ndapera Nyasha which carried tracks such as Baba MukuruKuhwereketaSaperaMakanakaMbonambona and Kwauri among others.

Mutodi left the country in 2005 for the United Kingdom (UK) to further his studies and being foreign land, he misses home.

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