Regularise documents, Zisco tells pensioners


THE Ziscosteel Pension Scheme has urged its members to regularise their documentation benefits as it is under liquidation.

Zisco Pension Scheme called on members who exited between 2007 and 2016 to visit First Mutual Life to inspect the distribution schedule of benefits due to them.

“Notice is given to all former members of Zisco Pension Scheme that the scheme is under liquidation. Former pension scheme members who exited the scheme through resignation, retrenchment and retirement between 2007 and August 2016 to visit FML or Zisco head office in Redcliff between March 2 and 16,” read Zisco’s statement.

“The purpose of the exercise is for each member to inspect the distribution schedule for their pension benefits which will be paid to them. Members are also required to complete claim forms and supply bank details.”

Zisco Pension Scheme urged beneficiaries to lodge their complaints with the Insurance and Pensions Commission.

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