Mai Titi enjoying her love life


COMEDIENNE Mai Titi says she is not worried about “tomorrow” as she is enjoying her relationship with singer Zizoe Pamky.
Her relationship has been the subject of talk with some women invading her man’s inbox with the hope of separating them.
She has exposed some of the women who have messaged Zizoe sharing screenshots of their messages on social media.
On Tuesday she said she appreciated how Zizoe has transformed her life saying he was not after her money.
“As young as you are, you had every opportunity to get a beautiful young woman but still you chose me. If you were poor and jobless I would say, panezvaurikutsvaga kwandiri. But you and I know you have a better life than mine and an awesome family,” she said in a post directed to Zizoe.
Recently Mai Titi said she would not let love cloud her judgment unlike other famous women who “marry” their Ben 10s.
She said she will not let Zizoe move in with her but she will do it the biblical way, hence move in her man’s house.
“People might say whatever but you showed me you can stand even in the greatest wars. I respect you for that. I know I’m a fighter but have seen that you are a Warrior. If you were someone else you would have walked away after all is said and done,” she continued.
Mai Titi said she will allow herself to enjoy the relationship without worries. Her post, however, left more questions than answers on what may be happening behind the scenes.
“I don’t care where this is going but I will enjoy it with my all. I respect you and your family and even if anything happens in the future. Knowing you is like living a fairy tale. Maybe will wake up one day,” she wrote.

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