Lovers for Valentine season tour


ROYAL Tours will this year host a tour for couples called the Lover’s Tour that is set to take place in Nyanga from February 14 to 16.
The Lover’s Tour will be for couples only and it will come as a Valentine’s season treat for couples in love.
“Lover’s Tour is going to be a themed expedition for Valentine’s Day and we purposely stretched it to cover the whole weekend as it is meant to encourage couples to spend some quality time alone,” said Royal Tours spokesperson Prince Mwanyali.
He said the tour will take place in the eastern highlands to give lovers a chance to explore the environment in a fun-packed itinerary of events.
During this tour attending couples will get to have a romantic dinner together on February 14, visit Mount Nyangani and Nyagombe Falls, experience the fun in the natural swimming pools, visit Mutarazi Falls and the Trout hatchery.
“This is a carefully crafted package for couples to have a weekend get away from their usual day to day hustle,” said Mwanyali.
He added that both dating and married couples were welcome to attend the tour with a requirement of clothing suitable for the romantic dinner and also outdoor experiences including swimming.
“People are responding quite well to this lover’s get-together therefore those interested must ensure they make a booking as seats are already running out.”

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