Iconic Fest set for Hre


© A unique Iconic Festival open to models, musicians, poets, comedians, dancers and other players in the arts industry will be held in Harare on January 25.
The showcase takes place at Beautiful Noise Entertainment located at Bothwell House.
“This event will see several prizes being won in each category,” said Iconic Festival music head scout Nigel Chifamba.
He told the Daily News that a group called The Iconic Fest Hip Hop Cypher is going to be the opening act for the event so as to give audiences a clear picture and idea of what is expected thereafter.
Some of the country’s acts like Escobar, Massacre, Madness, Mkay Quest, Black Diamond, Trillz, Damian, Caesar and Mello Snarez will be performing at the festival.
“We are definitely expecting a larger crowd to spread the word about this event and also show up again at another much bigger event that will be starting on February 14 as a follow up to this one,” Chifamba said.
He added that the follow up event on February 14 would announce its venue in due course
Chifamba said this pilot event was inspired by a team of artistes from various genres that are concerned with coming together as one and also having the world know what is happening in the local arts industry.
“We also have room for those art lovers who are not even benefiting from the event but are trying by all means to also be heard and also gain followers,” he said.
Iconic Festival was founded by Chap Moreno and seeks to promote artistic talent in Zimbabwe.

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