Ardbenie hosts debut festival


A new music festival dubbed the Tinkabelltastic Inc. Music Festival will be hosted at Tinkabell Restaurant in Ardbenie, Harare on February 29.

The debut music festival will be opened with performances from local musicians such as the Ovation and FaB Fusion band known as FaB Ovation, Kelly Rusike and Jazz Invitation band, Mande Snyman, Storm Whitaker, Samantha Tirivacho based in Spain, Zeena Beins, Munya Guramatunhu, Alex Fairlie and Ceri Evans from England.

Ovation and FaB Fusion band booking agent and administrator Brennan Wyngard said: “We are having this festival in Harare for the first time and it is being hosted at Tinkabell Restaurant as a brainchild of Ovation and FaB Fusion band that often entertains revellers at the venue.”

Wyngard told the Daily News that the festival was inspired by Ovation and FaB Fusion band’s need to bring together local and international talent in one festival.

They were very happy that people have already started responding well to the festival as they are showing excitement. “Audiences can expect a great diversity and range of music from the talented performers, and not forgetting a great experience of Tinkabell’s tasty food to keep them well energised for the musical experience.”

Wyngard said as Ovation and FaB Fusion band, they also hope to host similar music festivals at other great venues.

“Having such events is a good way of promoting business for both the local artistes and the entertainment venues too.”

FaB Ovation’s sound is a fusion of different genres with a strong African feel, combining local and western instruments including the bass guitar, drums, keyboards, saxophone, lead guitar, percussion. They are a six-piece band and their music ranges from delicate soulful love songs to upbeat rocking dance tunes that appeal to all music lovers.

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