Jah Prayzah, Sulu square off . . . both release albums in April


TOWERING singer Jah Prayzah and dendera star Suluman Chimbetu will battle it out for honours as they are set to release their 2020 projects in the same month of April.

Jah Prayzah has announced that his album titled Hokoyo, loosely translated to beware will be out on April 3. Sulu has titled his album Asante Sana and it will also be coming out in April.

Curiously, last week Jah Prayzah released a new single titled Asante which carries a message aimed at his supposed foes who hate his progress.

On Sunday he shared an image, presumably the album cover of himself in a cowboy kind of attire with a burning background, reminiscent of a warzone.

Sulu is sampling songs off the forthcoming album, with the song Bvuma Kusara already making waves.
He told the Daily News yesterday that people are not limited and can have their own interpretations to his music.
Speaking on the seemingly similar titles, Sulu said the name of his album had already been in existence, taking it from his popular phrase ‘thank you so much’.

“The album is coming in April, carrying not less than eight tracks. It is named Asante Sana. The name has not changed,” he said. “People will say whatever they want but this is showbiz. The name has been in existence coming from ‘thank you so much’.”

Sulu said he is on course to change things this year and is spicing his routines. He has introduced a new dancing style called ‘MaShurugwi’ dance which is growing in popularity.

Sulu can be credited for taking Jah Prayzah through the ropes in the cutthroat music industry before he found his footing; hence Jah Prayzah was Sulu’s best man at his wedding.

The two staged a number of events together introducing the popular “Batai Munhu, Tsviriyo” concerts.

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