WHO warns of online scam



By Tariro Sajeni

THE World Health Organisation (WHO) has uncovered an online scam targeting mainly Africans asking for registration fees to take part in a survey.

To entice the victims, the scammers are offering a reward of US$615 to participants in the con, which is circulating widely on WhatsApp and other online platforms.

“This fraudulent scheme asks for personal information on individuals and despite using the WHO logo is not in any way associated with the organisation.

“WHO does not offer prizes or awards through e-mails or other messages. Various fraudulent schemes claiming to be associated with WHO have been circulating and many of these scams request detailed information and/or money from individuals with the promise that they will receive funds or other benefits.

“WHO is warning the public about these deceptive practices and suggests that recipients of these invitations do not send money or personal information in response to anyone who claims to be awarding funds, jobs, grants, scholarships or other benefits on behalf of WHO,” the organisation said in a statement yesterday.

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