Tuku’s anniversary celebration planned


MUSIC superstar and national hero Oliver Mtukudzi’s family are planning a big anniversary celebration in honour of his legacy. Tuku’s nephew Victor Rukainga said plans are still underway for the anniversary celebration which will likely be in Madziva where the musician was buried. “Plans are still underway in consultation with the church for an anniversary service in Madziva and when everything is in order we will share the details.” Sources told the Daily News yesterday that another delegation will travel to Madziva today to lay wreaths on the superstar’s grave. His former manager Walter Wanyanya said they miss and celebrate the musician daily and as part of remembering him, this year, they will be releasing some of the music Tuku left with the project Abiyangu 2 on cards. Wanyanya added that Tuku had completed the project before he
died and it features some of Africa’s finest singers among them James Sakala. “We celebrate him at every opportunity. We miss him dearly and it has never been easy in his absence. This year we will be releasing the music he left. He left a complete album, Abiyangu 2, a compilation album featuring foreign and local musicians,” he said. Arts deputy minister Tino Machakaire described Tuku as a true ambassador of peace and a unifier. He urged all the youth to follow in his footsteps. “Tuku was a legend, the first artist to be declared national hero. He was a true ambassador for the country,
performing in the name of Zimbabwe, raising the country’s flag high. This is a day we commemorate him as a national hero and music icon. He was a true example of a superstar and we call all the youngsters to follow his footsteps. He was a true icon of peace up to his death, uniting people from all walks of life.” Sungura musician Alick Macheso was among the people who first got to Avenues Clinic after the news of Tuku’s death broke. He recalls: “Memories are still fresh, I remember the day, Tich (Makahamadze) was close and we had to rush to the hospital, hoping to find the news as wrong. This was more than a loss not only to me and my family but the whole nation and world at large. His profile was huge and we can all ride on it. We remember him daily and celebrate his life every time,” he said. Artists in the Diaspora said Tuku’s name is a brand which has made life easier for them and proud to be identified with him.

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