. . . as dancers feel left out in music awards


LOCAL dancers feel left out by major awards organisers in the country, the latest being the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima.
The dancers said they promote music through dancing and that music and dance are inseparable hence the need to include their category.
Dancers Association of Zimbabwe head Hapaguti “Hapaz” Mapimhidze could not hide his displeasure with Zima saying they had neglected their sector. “Music and dance cannot be separated but to our surprise there is that separation. We promote music in a big way through our performances and when we reward dancers we reward them according to categories such as sungura, dancehall, kwaito and rhumba. This is acknowledging music and promoting their art.”
His words were supported by cultural ambassador Luckson Chikutu who said dancers were making a strong case in their call to be considered in the music awards. “Dancers are justified to call for inclusion in the awards. It is difficult to separate music and dance and they deserve a chance. Dances differ and this is also shown in the music categories.”
Veteran choreographer and Mambokadzi founder Enisia Mashusha differed with the call saying dancers should live in their world and be celebrated within their own genre.
She said music and dance should be separated and those who venture into music should have a chance to compete for awards.
“Dance and music are two different categories you can’t be accommodated in a genre you do not do but if the dancers have composed their own songs they can compete in the music awards,” she said.

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