T Freddy in video storm


PREACHER-CUM-MUSICIAN Tapiwa Freddy said he will continue singing despite criticism of his voice by a section of society.
On Tuesday, he shared a video dressed as a woman wearing a wig and makeup.
He described it as art before responding to the issue of his voice.
Recently a music producer Lazzie T had a post mocking the preacher’s singing voice.
“This is my voice and to those who think I will back down, they have to think again.
“People have to get used to that. Nothing can change me,” he said.
The preacher said people should desist from cyber bullying after his post while dressed like a woman attracted some nasty comments.
Some people went to the extent of questioning his sexuality, comments which he said he will not take lightly.
“I have no problems with people calling me fake but for some to go to the extent of labelling me gay is highly-insulting and I will not take that lightly.
“Cyber bullying has to stop. I have no problems if some people don’t like my music but that does not mean everyone hates me. Some people love my music and they vote for me,” he said.
He said a new video will be coming out today which will explain the concept of his dressing.
The preacher has mastered the art of leaving tongues wagging before the release of his videos as witnessed in the latest move.
“A new video which features my children is coming on Thursday and it requires me to dress in that way,” he said.
Controversial preacher Passion Java also had a video imitating Freddy’s video and he has said he will not respond to what Java had done.

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