Ster Kinekor hosts all-female summit


© AN all-FEMALE summit dubbed Boss Babe Summit also known as Girlo Therapy will bring together women thriving in the business of arts, politics, political worlds, entrepreneurship and community building globally.
The Boss Babe Summit will be a hub for thriving women in all sectors to find meaning and purpose in everything they do. It will be hosted at Ster Kinekor, Sam Levy, Borrowdale from March 11 to 12.
“The summit was inspired by several events I have been a part of, especially the Forbes Women Summit, where I realised that there are so many women willing to support other women globally and we need to do that as Zimbabweans too. I felt it was something that could be done in Zimbabwe,” said the GirloTherapy US organisation head Rutendo Mudzamiri.
Mudzamiri told the Daily News that the summit would have amazing international keynote speakers like United States corporate woman Nancy Speedo and Beyoncé’s director of social responsibility, Ivy Mc Gregor. “We are very excited to be bringing those two women to Zimbabwe plus we have amazing co-hosts’ to the red carpet event,” said Mudzamiri.
She said all thriving women in business, leadership, media, entertainment and all sectors would be invited to attend the event.
Mudzamiri also added that so far the event’s strategic partners and influential individuals have been very helpful and everyone they have approached is willing to give a hand to support another woman’s idea which is the essence of the Boss Babe Summit.
Mudzimiri is a doctor in strategic leadership and through her work with SparkLead, she has delivered classes as a summer school lecturer at Duke University, provided coaching and consulting services to local non-profits in the Raleigh Durham area in North Carolina and Dr Ru Global Leadership and Training consultant for the Women Leaders for the World Programme, a California-based institute.
Under her leadership, SparkLead hosts a Leadership Fellowship for Public Service leaders from 20 African countries every summer at Duke University, USA where she provides individualised coaching and mentorship to emerging leaders globally through her practice.

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