Comedians pounce on ‘eat vegetables’ jibe


© PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “eat vegetables” jibes have not escaped comedians who have already produced comic productions while feasting on his sentiments.
The president, speaking to Kuwadzana residents said people should forgo meat and go for vegetables and potatoes which he said are healthy.
Several comedians have come up with skits based on the jibe which has been widely criticised by long suffering Zimbabweans.
Comedienne Madam Boss yesterday shared a skit Muriwo Documentary in which she makes reference to vegetables and potatoes.
She repeats the similar sentiments by the first citizen that veggies and potatoes carry several health benefits. Her “documentary” profiles a woman whose life revolves around vegetables, from farming, vending and sending children to school with proceeds from gardening.
Fellow comedienne Mai Titi also shared an image of herself with a bunch of vegetables with a caption attributed to the president. “With my January relish inspired by our president hanzi idyayi muriwo ndozvikutaurwa nemaDoctors,” she wrote.
Youthful comedian Ray Vines also referred to as Ba Tapi also shared his production showing how meat has become “gold” in the ghetto at a time people have been told to eat vegetables.
A child appears in the video selling vegetables and potatoes.
He appears in the ghetto carrying fish while being admired by people. His mother had to surrender vegetables to another woman the moment he arrived with the fish.
Controversial preacher Passion Java also shared a video laughing at the “eat vegetables” jibe.

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