Sparks at Chopper’s virtual concert


Vasco Chaya

OVER 100 000 dendera music enthusiasts were taken down memory lane at the weekend as the Chimbetu family successfully held its latest edition of the annual Simon Chimbetu commemorations.

The virtual commemorations, which were screened on Ngoda TV, featured Ammi Jamanda, Obert Chari, Kurai Makore and the Chimbetu family comprising of Allan, Suluman, Tryson, Saiwe and Douglas.
Veteran guitarist Clive “Mono” Mukundu was the director of the event.

The Chimbetu family gave a remarkable performance which was supported by veteran instrumentalists that included lead guitarist Knowledge Nkoma, rhythm guitarist Solo Makore, bassist Moffat Nyamupandu, drummer Carlton Mparutsa and Prince Tapfuma aka Oskid who played the keyboards.

Dressed in white blazers, the Chimbetu family showcased hits such as Kwaienda Vakashinga Chete, Dr Nero, Magobo, African Girl, Suduruka, Mandivavarira, Dzandipedza Mafuta, Nguva Yakaoma, Comma, Chauta and Saina, among others.

Jamanda had, however, set the ball in motion with some renditions of the late “Master of Song” such as Mudzimai Wangu and Denda among other hits before passing the baton to Chari who played four of his songs; Ngoma Yababa, Ngoma Yemugidhi, Mebo and the new track Dherira off forthcoming studio project Ubuntu.

Makore, a cousin of United States of America based Chimurenga music icon Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo took Chimurenga fans down memory lane, playing Mapfumo’s hits such as Hwahwa, Nyoka Musango and Kariba among others.

The climax of the event was when the Chimbetu family came on stage and mesmerised fans in a joint act, backing each other smoothly. What an act!

Allan, the young brother to the late provincial war hero, told how he misses his brother.

“While most people know Simon as the musician, he was also a hunter, he was good at that. Him being the elder brother in our family, he provided the family with game meat, we never lacked meat back then and I really miss him and the old days,” Allan said.

Allan added that he learnt a lot from Simon.

“He was such a cool guy but full of authority. He taught us the virtues of love, smartness, and punctuality among others,” he said.

Chimbetu died in 2005 at the age of 50. He left a rich musical legacy with all-time hits such as Dzandipedza Mafuta, Saina, Mwana Wedangwe, Marirangwe, Comma, Pane Asipo, Ndarangarira Gamba and Rudo Ibofu to mention but a few.

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