Seh Calaz ‘divorces’ wife online


ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Tawanda Mumanyi aka Seh Calaz has announced his divorce to wife Moira Knight through social media.

Moira is the daughter of former ZBC broadcaster Eric Knight.

The Mumota Murikubvira hit-maker made the decision after he was publicly exposed by his wife on social media for allegedly being irresponsible.

He wrote in Shona on his Facebook page: Ndangandakambonyarara nguva yese inoyi but handingarambe ndakahwanda murunyararo zvamunoziva mese musha mukadzi uye. Chakafukidza dzimba matenga. Handikwanise kuti zvazvandivavira nhasi ndotanga kutaura zvakaipa pamusoro pemudzimai saka ndiregerereiwo ipapo asi chandinokwanisa kutaura ndechekuti kubva ikezvinozvi tichienda mberi wangu musha naMoira hapasisina. (I have been quiet all this while but I can’t keep on hiding…the woman makes the home…there are always issues in homes. I will not say bad things about my wife because of what has happened…forgive me on this one but what I can say is that going forward my marriage to Moira no longer exists.”



In happier times

He apologised to his fans for the divorce. “For the time being, I am asking for my private space away from the media, friends and relatives. I am not the first person to experience divorce and definitely I am not going to be the last. As someone with kids I cannot publicly say everything. To all my fans, friends and family who feel like I have let them down I humbly apologise, I am sorry. I am human too,” Seh Calaz said.

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  1. Mungoni says

    Real maturity displayed
    That’s being a man And father
    She is still mother to your children.

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