South Africa closes Beitbridge border

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SOUTH Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa last night announced that Beitbridge Border Post will be closed this Friday for the rest of the public as a containment measure for the spread of Covid-19.
In an address last night, Ramaphosa said at least 20 entry ports including Beitbridge would continue to process only exempted travellers and goods until the situation is reviewed in a month’s time.

“To reduce congestion and the high risk of transmission, Cabinet has decided that the 20 land ports of entry that are currently open will be closed until the 15th of February for general entry and departure. “People will, however, still be allowed to enter or depart the country for the transportation of fuel, cargo and goods, emergency medical attention for a life-threatening conditions.”

“The return of South African nationals, permanent residents or persons with other valid visas, diplomats, the departure of foreign nationals, daily commuters from neighbouring countries who attend school in South Africa. The full list of exemptions will be contained in the regulations,” Ramaphosa said.

Since the start of the year, thousands of travellers from Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent have been flocking to Beitbridge hoping to enter SA.

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