Protect nurse aides, government urged

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By Emmerson Njanjamangezi

THE Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina) says health authorities need to speedily act to regulate nurse aides being hired to offer palliative care by wealthy Covid-19 patients.

Well-off Zimbabweans, who are isolating at home after contracting the virus, are hiring nurse aides to provide them with care during the period, offering between US$20-US$30 daily. Due to the poor remuneration in the local health sector, most nurse aides are jumping at the opportunity and taking up such offers despite the lack of personal protective equipment.

“There is a trend to hire nurse aides to take care of Covid-19 patients that we have noted. Most nurse aides have taken up the jobs to make more money.

“However, many have been exposed to the virus due to lack of proper protective equipment in executing their work,” Zina president Enock Dongo said.

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