Sex worker questions Houghton Park boy’s age

LAWYERS representing a self-confessed sex worker arrested for bedding a minor, have applied for bail at the High Court challenging that the victim is not 13-years-old as being claimed by prosecutors.
Precious Teya, 26, was arrested on February 22 and has been languishing in remand prison after the Harare Magistrates’ Courts denied her bail for engaging in sexual intercourse with the boy.

Teya’s lawyer Moses Nyatsoma told the Daily News yesterday that they had filed their bail application and one of their main arguments centred on the boy’s alleged age. Nyatsoma said their request for the boy’s birth certificate has gone unanswered by the State hence there is no proof that he was a minor.

“The child is purported to be 13, but we haven’t seen any evidence to prove he is actually 13 years of age. “We have requested for a birth certificate which we have not seen to date and under normal circumstances, the State usually orders that the child, in the absence of a birth certificate, goes for age estimation and that has also not been done. So as far as the age of that child is concerned, we’re not sure,” Nyatsoma said.

The defence team is also alleging that the truth of what actually transpired on the day was being concealed and the facts being alleged by the prosecutors are contradictory.

Nyatsoma argues that the boy had not given Teya any indication that could have warned her that he was underage as both his actions and stature point to someone of advanced age.

“If you look at the stature of the child, as in his height and the way he is built, you cannot tell by merely looking at him that he is 13 years of age, which I think happened to my client; there was no way she would suspect.

“And if you also look at his own behaviour of going on a dating site, getting a hooker, paying the taxi, waiting for her at the gate, entertaining her in the house and whatever that then transpired, I would think that is not consistent with the age of a 13-year-old,” he added.

Allegations are that on the day in question, the teenager accessed an online dating site where he selected Teya. In turn, Teya sent the boy her charges for sexual services. The teenager accepted the charges and invited her for sex at his family home in Houghton Park.

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