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Artists star in World Hearing Day concert

Anesu Mirisawu

SONGBIRDS Tariro NeGitare and Adiona Maboreke-Chidzonga alongside rising star Blessing “bled” Chimanga put up polished performances during an online concert held yesterday to mark World Hearing Day.
World Hearing Day is commemorated on March 3 every year, to raise awareness on how to prevent hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world.

Due to Covid-19 protocols, the concert was streamed live on the Audiomax Audiology Centres and WizEar Zimbabwe Facebook pages with only the organisers, technical team and the artists in attendance.

First to hit the stage was Adiona, who is married to popular actor and filmmaker, Munya Chidzonga. She did not disappoint. Dressed in black, Adiona dished out quite a number of her songs including Roaming Angel and Kana zvadai, among others.

After Adiona’s inspired performance, Tariro NeGitare took to the stage. Like her predecessor, she put up a polished and flawless act. Clad in cultured outfit which reflected her passion for arts and culture, the guitarist-cum-vocalist
delivered a performance which was full of energy and class.

She dished out songs such as Zuva nezuva,Musasa, and Wildfire. Last but not least, up stepped seasoned star Bled, who has toured Italy and Asia and the United States of America.

Dressed in a beautiful black suit, the music star put up an energetic performance that defied his dimunitive stature. The first song on his playlist was Peace, which he followed up with Maruva Enyika, Tirivanhu Vamwe and Keep on keeping, which he dedicated to all his fans.

“It was a nice intimate and special concert, I last played for my fans a long time ago and with the World Hearing Day
concert, it was a good time to catch up,” Bled told the Daily News.

The World Hearing Day online concert was organised by the AudioMax Group — the only Zimbabwean institution which does surgery for cochlear implants (electronic devices that partially restore hearing) — in partnership with WizEar Trust which provides hearing healthcare solutions to marginalised Zimbabweans.

Both organisations were formed by highly respected Zimbabwean ear, nose and throat surgeon, Clemence Chidziva. This year’s commemorations ran under the theme “Hearing Care for all,”, acknowledging that everyone has a role to play in addressing the hearing loss burden.

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