Play focuses on female rivalry


THE Two Wives of John Mambo, a new theatre production focusing on love and female rivalry will showcase at Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre from February 20 to 22 and also from February 27 to 29.

The production which was written by Raisedon Baya and directed by Norbert Makoche comprises cast members that include Shahmaine Mukutirwa, Kudzai  Chengedza, Ronald Sigeca and Patricia Putsayi.

“In the play, a poet deserts his first wife and goes to live with another woman but unfortunately years later he lies dying, ravaged by a mysterious disease and the first wife visits him on his deathbed and comes face to face with the other woman,” said Baya.

The two wives are set to take the audiences on an emotionally-charged roller coaster ride in this story about love, rivalry, betrayal, death and the murky world of literature.

Audiences can look forward to a story narration that everyone can relate to whether directly or indirectly.

“We have always known of men that have a double life, those with relationships with different women and there has always been the use of the terms ‘main house’ and ‘small house’ to define each woman’s place in his life,” added Makoche.

Makoche said the play will depict these issues that are happening not only within marriages but also in the young people’s dating lives where they have come up with the terms “side chick”  and “main chick”.

He said the most important aspect in all this is the position of women which will be shown through the theatre production. “The two wives of John Mambo represent these two women who do not even have a title to own themselves but need a man to give them significance as people.”


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