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Pauline adds flavour to new release

HARARE – Newly-formed musical outfit Angwa Combo has engaged the services of popular diva Pauline Gundidza on their debut album Ngativimbike (Be Diligent on Duty).

Angwa Combo is a project by two former Savanna Arts Centre members — Fred Nyakunga, 41 and Julius Julius, 33.

Nyakunga (lyricist) and Julius (vocalist) said they featured the Mafriq diva — a mother of two — because of her wide experience in music.

“Apart from Pauline’s wide musical experience, we roped her in because she is our long-time friend.

“She helped us on all tracks on the album and her voice is clearly heard on the song Anokura Wani,” said Nyakunga aka Mhondoro.

Angwa Combo showered Gundidza with praises saying she is approachable.

“Pau (Gundidza) is not a person who is difficult to deal with, may be it comes from the fact that she is a friend.

“Her fame did not change her, she does not select groups to feature for but rather she has a big heart to help everyone,” said Nyakunga.

The track Anokura Wani contains anti-rape message.

Ngativimbike (Be Diligent on Duty) is an eight-track album recorded at Diamond Studios.

Some of the songs on the album include Achauya, Kupindana Kwamazuva, Anokura Wani and Meso Anoona.

The song Kupindana Kwamazuva chronicles how time passes and Nyakunga told the Daily News that the track is a reflection of his life.

“The song is a true story of my life,” he said.

The duo, groomed by Kenny Neshamba — the late percussionist who was part of Oliver Mtukudzi’s Black Spirits band — told the Daily News that they have come to stay.

“We are not new in the showbiz and because we are not motivated by the love of money, we see our band going a long way in entertaining people.

“It is good that the album is now on the market, our next move is to release a DVD which will help to promote the project,” said Julius.

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