Pac proposes raft of changes in Parliament

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THE Public Accounts Committee (Pac) has recommended that Parliament introduces a raft of
changes to the way it operates, including allowing the committee to sit continuously to complete
analysis of reports and receiving of evidence.
This comes as the Pac tabled a report in the National Assembly after nine of its members went on a benchmarking visit to Zambia from March 18 to 22, 2019 to learn how the Parliament of Zambia in general and the Pac in particular manage the work of the committee.

According to the report presented by Pac chairperson Tendai Biti, the committee observed that while Zimbabwe has one Public Accounts Committee, Zambia had three established to analyse the three volumes of the Auditor-General’s Report.

“As such, the report observes, the committees were able to deal with all the entities reported in
the Auditor-General’s reports. “The Pac bemoaned the fact that in Zimbabwe, its resolution to establish three sub-committees had not been realised due to a shortage of staff to service the sub-committees hence it can hardly
complete the analysis of all the entities in a session

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