Covid-19 violations reach 900: NGO

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THE Human Rights NGO Forum has bemoaned the government’s lack of responsiveness to incidents where the public’s constitutional entitlements were being infringed by suspected law enforcement agents.
This comes as the Forum claimed that human rights violation cases have reached 909 since the lockdown commenced in March.

The Forum said between March 10 and September 10, 280 assault and torture cases had been recorded across the country, 20 journalists attacked, 529 arbitrary arrests and detention, 12 abductions,
two unlawful discharge of gun shots, eight raids, 57 displacements and an alleged extra-judicial killing.

The Forum’s executive director Musa Kika urged the government to respect the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and opinion and to apply ‘disaster laws’ fairly and impartially.

“The continued violations are indicative of underlying enablers, either by commission or omission.
That is the real challenge we must confront. What it means is that institutions created to exact accountability and deal with impunity are not meeting the mark,” Kika said.

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