Nurse to stand trial for sexual assault

THE trial of a nurse stationed at Newlands Clinic, Harare, who is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy who had sought medical assistance at the institution, will commence next week Wednesday. 

When Farai Rusinga appeared before Harare magistrate Evelyn Sangaza-Kamwanda yesterday, he was given a trial date of November 17.  

Prosecutors allege that the teenager had a reproductive health problem and had been treated at the Newlands Clinic since 2016. 

However, on February 7 last year, the teenager went to the clinic to collect his medicines and approached a nurse by the name of Memory. 

The said nurse directed the victim to Rusinga since he was also a male and could fully confide in him. 

On this first day, the teenager was treated without incident before returning for the second day for a review which also went smoothly. 

However, some days later, Rusinga allegedly contacted the teenager and requested him to report to the clinic since the previous test conducted on him showed that the boy had a rash on his private parts. 

Prosecutors allege that on the following day after receiving the call, the teenager reported to the clinic and Rusinga called him into his office where they both sat down. 

Rusinga allegedly started making some comments about Valentine’s Day and ordered the teenager to stand up. 

The nurse then hugged the teenager from behind before he started to masturbate. After ejaculation, Rusinga wiped his semen before attempting to sodomise the victim. 

The teenager managed to escape from the room and ran home where he revealed the matter to his grandmother, who reported the matter to the police leading to Rusinga’s arrest.

Shamaine Chirimujiri