‘Musicians should be multilingual’


A RISING gospel singer believes incorporating other regional languages in his music will propel and help him break into the regional market.

Ashbel “A.G” Galanti has mastered the trend, fusing Shona, English and Chewa and follows the footsteps of groups such as CCAP Voice of Mbare.

Other gospel musicians such as Mathias Mhere have gone on to include Malawian singers such as Skeffa Chimoto for the Chichewa feel in their music.

In secular music circles singers such as Nicholas Zakaria and Alick Macheso are known for songs in Chewa. These have helped them when they perform at festivals outside the country.

Galanti said his mission is to have the gospel reach wider audiences and his debut album Zodzo carries tracks such as Mbuye Alikuitana and Ndiyamika in Chewa and others in English and Shona.

“Music has to have a wider audience and not only for the local market. Having songs in English, Shona and Chewa means the message will get far and if it happens that I perform in regional countries such as Malawi and Zambia the message will get to the people.

“My message is for people to trust in God and have a positive thinking despite the challenges we are facing. There is power in the word and this is what I encourage,” he added.

Other songs on the album launched last year include Jehova, Most Powerful, Makandikoshera and the title track Zodzo.


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