Sifundo Chief Moyo
Editorial Comment

Moment to celebrate for Zimbabwe, Sadc

THE 10th ordinary session of the Pan African Postal Union (Papu) plenipotentiary conference ended in the wee hours of Saturday in Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) emerging victorious.

For the first time in the history of Papu, which was formed in January 1980, the Sadc region landed the secretary-general position, courtesy of the election of Zimbabwe postmaster general Sifundo Chief Moyo.

Though the race for the post was pitched with Egypt’s unconstitutional attempt to get the post, Papu stuck to its supreme law and rules to disqualify the candidate. The Egyptians filed their papers out of time and in their application there was no police clearance for their candidate — a key prerequisite to contest the secretary general’s post.

With the Egyptian candidate disqualified and with no other challenger, Moyo was then elected by acclamation. Sadc as a regional block had backed Moyo fervently, with Zambia, Eswethini and South Africa leading the charge. The unity of purpose demonstrated by Sadc was astounding and must be encouraged to spur social and economic development in the region.

The block stood as one to defend the constitution and rules of Papu and emerged victorious. Regional rotational leadership of Papu prevailed and the hope is that what happened on Saturday will solidify and galvanise unity in the union and Africa as a collective.

Regional representation and integration in Papu is critical to unity and that is what was demonstrated by the election of Moyo from the Sadc region.
It was indeed a moment of joy for Zimbabwe and Sadc. It is now entirely up to Moyo to steer postal services development throughout Africa in the next four years in the advent of breath-taking information communication technologies.

He has to ensure the automation of postal services as the world moves from the ordinary postman and postwoman delivery of letters and parcels.
Moyo’s job also entails him coming up with sound digital postal services strategies for financial inclusion of millions of Africans in remote area
Moyo’s plate is full, but Zimbabwe and Sadc believe he is up to scratch and will deliver on his undertakings in his robust manifesto, where he, among other things, promised to re-energise Papu. The ball is now in Moyo’s court to make Zimbabwe and Sadc proud of his deployment at Papu.

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