Man pleads for release of impounded vehicle

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By Tamary Chikiwa

A BULAWAYO man has filed a court application begging the State to release his vehicle which was impounded by police last year in connection with a burglary case.
Bhekimpilo Sithole, who is being represented by lawyers from Pundu and Company, filed his application at the Bulawayo Provincial Magistrate’s Court. Sometime last year, Sithole lent his Toyota Hiace to a cousin, Thabiso Ndlovu of Pumula South, who said he intended to ferry some mourners.

However, Ndlovu was arrested for alleged unlawful entry and theft while driving Sithole’s car, which was seized. Sithole has been named as the second respondent in the matter as police are holding onto the vehicle as an exhibit in the criminal case.

“I lent the second respondent, who is my cousin, my motor vehicle as he had told me that he wanted to attend a funeral in Mbalabala. “I gave him the vehicle and told him he had to return the vehicle after two days,” reads Sithole’s application.

Sithole travelled to Harare only to come back to the news that his car had been impounded and was being kept at a police station.

In June last year, Ndlovu was taken off remand, but up to date, the police are yet to release Sithole’s vehicle. “They (police) state that l should have a court order for the vehicle to be released. I believe that the State, through police, can release my motor vehicle and l can make it available to the court should they need it as evidence. “My vehicle is depreciating due to its nonrunning condition. It has been stationary for a while and l fear that it might be damaged as well,” Sithole said.

He also told the court that Ndlovu had not been summoned for trial five months after he was taken off remand. “I submit that the first respondent has no grounds for holding onto my motor vehicle and l pray for an order in terms of the draft,” he said.

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