Mambo Dhuterere blasts fake prophets


GOSPEL musician and preacher Mambo Dhuterere has blasted yet again self-proclaimed prophets who prophesied that 2020 would be a year of “milk and honey” but were unable to forecast the coronavirus pandemic that has killed almost 25 000 and infected 542 000 people globally.

Mambo Dhuterere first attacked the self-styled prophets via a video he shared on his social media pages where he condemned them for failing to forecast the epidemic despite their oft-repeated claims that they are in constant touch with God.

In his video the singer said, “This January at their crossover services they told people that God has told them that this year will be a year of milk and honey but just two months down the line there is a global disaster. So this god, who said this year will be a year of milk and honey, is he the real God because he has lied, there is no milk and honey but we are seeing trouble.

“They say their anointing oil is powerful and can protect people from anything and that their stickers are strong but we can see the virus disregarding that, affecting people even those with the stickers,” the gospel star said.

Though Mambo Dhuterere was quick to point out that not all prophets are fake, his criticism has predictably incensed certain sections of the Christian community, with some people warning him to concentrate on his gospel music career.

Despite receiving a barrage of attacks over his criticism of self-styled prophets, Mambo Dhuterere has refused to back down. Yesterday he told the Daily News that the insults hurled at him won’t sway him from sharing his views.
This is not the first time the award-winning Mambo Dhuterere has come out guns blazing against “fake prophets.”

Late last year in August he attacked preachers motivated by the love of money as “hustlers” and “wolfs in sheep skins” on the title track of his album called Dare Guru.

“Vane mari ndivo vopihwa zvigaro mukereke, vakachena panhumbi asi moyo yavo itsito, idi aya mapere muhwai ari kutisveta ropa, chenjerai aya magumha-gumha ari kuba nebhuku…, (First preference is given to the rich. Dressing-wise they are smart but their hearts are dirty. Beware of thieves who are using Bible to defraud the church),” goes part of the song.

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