Jah Prayzah postpones album launch again


AWARD-WINNING music star Jah Prayzah has been forced to postpone again the launch of his ninth album Hokoyo by the rampaging coronavirus epidemic which recently claimed the life of media personality Zororo Makamba.

The Watora Mari hit-maker had initially promised to launch the album on April 3 but was forced to opt for an online launch which was scheduled for Tuesday next week in the wake of the ban of entertainment and recreational activities by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as part of measures to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus in Zimbabwe.

Among a range of measures, Mnangagwa prohibited gatherings of more than 50 people in nightclubs, bars and beerhalls, making it impossible for Jah Prayzah to hold the high profile album he wanted.

But in a statement released on Thursday, the award-winning hit-maker announced that he had decided to forgo the album launch and album release altogether until the coronavirus epidemic is contained.

“Due to the continuous spread of the coronavirus across the world and more fatalities being reported, we will be postponing the online launch and album release that had been set for March 31to a later date to be announced as soon as the situation stabilises,” the statement read.

The singer believes during this period all efforts should be channelled towards the fight against the virus which has claimed almost
25 000 lives globally.

“I stand with the nation in the fight against Covid-19 plague and believe at this moment that is where all our efforts should be going towards,” he said.

The singer added that the coronavirus has made it difficult for him and his team to continue with rehearsals.
He said holding rehearsals for the album launch will flout the measures put in place to contain the virus.

“Having to conduct rehearsals on a daily basis with a huge team would not only put our staff at risk but the whole nation as the chain would go on and on,” Jah Prayzah said.


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