Majuice, the ladies man

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SELEMAN Mpochi, a member of Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo, is popular for his dancing exploits on stage, hence the moniker Majuice.

He is also known for a colourful life, which comes through his dressing. Recently he scooped the Outstanding Male Dancer at the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama), which he says is a lifetime achievement.

“I can’t explain how exactly it feels to be chosen as the best dancer in the country but I’m grateful to Nama and my boss Alick Macheso,” said Majuice, pictured with microphone.

He said dancing comes naturally to him. “It’s an inborn gift. I don’t plan what I will go and do, it just comes naturally. I’m comfortable with any music genre, be it gospel, mbira and it’s only that ballet is not popular otherwise I would be doing it.

“When I came to museve from rhumba, dancer Franco is one person I enjoyed watching. I worked with him and I believe he is one person who would have been awarded a Nama award. We all know he is a great dancer. People always try to compare us and make us clash but I can’t be drawn into that. He is a great dancer and now leading his music group.”

Majuice said his roots are in rhumba.
“And up to today I watch a lot of rhumba videos. As a dance enthusiast I watch anything dance, even cartoons can inspire you to come up with a dance. I also watch South African dances. These days you have to be versatile because our people are exposed to a lot of things and focusing on one routine is not enough.”

The dancer seems to be a ladies’ man as he is always photographed surrounded by beautiful ladies at shows. “I have been in showbiz for a long time now and women come in different shapes and sizes and if I’m to focus on that I would be having a wife everywhere I go. I smile for everyone and have photos with them. People will only talk when there are pictures with women but silent when I have pictures with men. To put an end to temptation, I have a wife at home.”

He has promised more in 2020. “This year there is going to be more. I’m exploring a lot and targeting the next award. I have seen that it can be won and I targeting a clean sweep including the Outstanding Choreographer award.”

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