Chibadura’s sons revive father’s legacy

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THREE sons of the late music great John Chibadura have teamed up to revive their father’s musical legacy.
Simba, Knowledge and John are now working under the watchful eye of veteran singer Clive Malunga at his Jenaguru Arts Centre in their quest to revive the Tembo Brothers.

The trio is currently working on an album which will be released in May but before that they will be releasing two singles.

“We have had other productions before but this will be our first album. While preparing for the album we will release two singles, Vana Vangu and Ndinoda Iwe and they will be accompanied by videos.

“The singles will be coming out end of this month,” Simba Chibadura told the Daily News on Sunday.

The trio’s handler, Malunga, told the Daily News on Sunday that he is focusing on children of fallen music greats as a tribute to their talented parents.

He said it is also his wish to expose them on international platforms where he exhibits.

“These children’s parents used to perform at Jena Guru music festival back in the day and it is now my responsibility to ensure that they keep the legacy alive.”

The Nesango singer said some of the children have talent but lacked exposure and support to make it as musicians.

“These children need assistance so I come in with instruments and finances to ensure that they reach their full potential. They have the talent and at times what they lack are the resources.”
Malunga said he takes his time in assessing the youngsters before assisting them.

“We look for talent and those who are willing to work hard. Clean lyrics are a must; I will not record anything vulgar. I have been impressed by the Chibadura brothers, they gave me their music and I evaluated it and I believe they need all the assistance they can get.”

In his journey, Malunga said he is in search of children of the late Admire Kasenga, Solomon Skuza, Tinei Chikupo and Daniel Mangaba, among others.

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