Jah Bless’ Friday romance


REGGAE singer Jah Bless aka The Entertainer took television viewers on an exciting and refreshing journey on Friday when he performed on NashTV’s Lockdown music programme.

The entertainer performed five songs; Way maker, Swedera, Ndouya ikoko, Entertainer and Nyakuzvida which were spread over 20 minutes.

The singer said after the performance: “It was a great experience because you get to realise how much people are following you. It’s also good live exposure given that we can’t hold shows in clubs at the moment.

“NashTV picked me because they believe I have great music and not because I know the producer. The owner heard my music and was impressed. I respect that.”

There was also overwhelming support of the performance online.

The performance was a teaser of what is to come as the singer promises to release his fourth album as soon as the lockdown is lifted. “From September 1 will be ready to release the album; I have completed 13 of the 15 songs so far.”

Jah Bless has christened the album Born To Lead which he believes will introduce him to the international world market. It’s mixed; reggae, dancehall, Afropop, acoustic, house and hip-hop.

He said the album covers issues of self-awareness, black consciousness, motivational and just feel good entertainment.

“However, it’s unique because it has my typical reggae classics and other sounds that people won’t be expecting from me. It should redefine my art and rebrand me for global market. I’m trying to show people that I’m an artist who is in a league of his own. I’m grouped with reggae artists, also Zimdancehall artists and was once called urban grooves artist. The truth is that I’m a versatile artist who does good music beyond genres,” said Jah Bless.

Since the beginning of the year he has been recording. “From now I will be preparing for the release and marketing of the new album. This product should introduce me to the global market. It’s international but will also have songs biased towards the local market.

“I have always had a vision of going global and has been refining my art. Now I think it’s time to go for it. I know it’s not easy but it’s possible. I’m ready to play the game, I would rather try than chicken out.”

Hopefully he should have videos by time of release. “I have already started planning shoots with some producers.”

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