Gvt revises Covid-19 figures downwards  

ZIMBABWE has 28 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and not 29 as previously reported, the Health ministry has said.
In an update released on Thursday, the ministry said it erroneously recorded a result in Bulawayo as a new case when in actual fact it was a retest on a patient that had previously tested positive for Covid-19.
The downward revision of the coronavirus (Covid-19) means that Bulawayo has 10 confirmed cases of coronavirus (Covid-19), and not 11.
“The ministry would like to report that of the 101 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests done in Bulawayo which had pending results on April 22, one was positive for Covid-19.
“However, the positive result was not for a new case, but from a retest of a case that has been reported previously. The retest was conducted in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for confirming clinical recovery.
“Therefore, the positive result from Bulawayo was not for a new case,” the ministry said in a statement.
Explaining how the error occurred, acting provincial medical director Welcome Mlilo told the Daily News on Sunday that they mistakenly recorded the case as a positive after the laboratory concluded that one sample was inconclusive.
“There was miscommunication in relaying the preliminary report to the ministry.
“When one sample came back inconclusive, we did a re-run of all the 101 samples and they were all negative. So Bulawayo still has 10 cases not 11,” Mlilo said.
He said the 101 samples, from which the mistake was made, were collected from Qalisa Retirement Village where Bulawayo got its first confirmed Covid-19 case and death.
Ian Hyslop, 74, who was a resident at the village, succumbed to the disease on April 4.
Following his death, everyone at the home was immediately placed under isolation.
Mlilo said the Bulawayo City Council’s rapid response team initially collected 101 samples at Qalisa.
“We first tested the 101 residents using rapid diagnostic test (RDT) and the samples were negative.
“We followed up and collected specimens which were tested using CPR machine at the national TB Reference Lab and again, all results came back negative.
“The remaining residents have since been collected and tested using both testing methods. No one tested positive,” Mlilo said.
To date, Zimbabwe, which has recorded two recoveries and four deaths, has conducted 5 450 tests for Covid-19.

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