From Harare to Victoria Falls: The thriving casino culture in Zimbabwe

WHAT is the first thing that comes to mind when we say Zimbabwe? Probably Victoria Falls. But what if we were to tell you that Zimbabwe is also an attractive gambling destination? 

The following text discusses why we should pay attention to the Zimbabwean casino culture and how it’s developing in 2023 and beyond.

Introduction to Casino Culture in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a long and rich history of gambling. The country has always been in step with what’s happening in the industry globally. In addition, technological advancements opened doors to modern forms of entertainment, such as online and mobile gambling. 

Horse and dog racing are the first to come to mind when talking about gambling in Zimbabwe. However, as the interest in casino games grew, major cities, including the capital, Harare, became home to the country’s most prestigious casinos, making them top destinations for local and international punters. 

Given the popularity of sports in the country and the entire continent, especially football, it’s no surprise why sports betting also entered the space. What’s more, as time goes by, it’s almost certain it will become a leader in the industry. 

Gambling in Zimbabwe has been legal since the beginning of the new millennium. The Lotteries and Gambling Board is in charge of controlling all gambling operations. The body also manages and issues licenses.

Premier Casino Destinations

Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare is home to one of the largest casinos in the capital, the Regency Casino. The casino offers over 100 slot machines and 12 table games. 

Another popular spot for passionate punters is the Harare Sun Casino Exhibition Park. The rich game offer and fantastic staff make this casino the heart of entertainment in Harare.

The Makasa Sun is among the most popular casinos at Victoria Falls. Like the previous two, it stands out thanks to its offer of slots and table games such as Blackjack and American Roulette. 

Gaming Entertainment

A diverse game selection is what makes casinos stand out. These offers cater to everyone’s preferences and aspirations. So gamblers visiting casinos in Zimbabwe can opt between slots, video games, and the most popular table games, such as blackjack and roulette. 

The continuous growth of technology and the internet have given additional options to players. Players no longer have to be in a physical establishment to enjoy their favourite games. Instead, they can choose from the best online casinos providing the same experience as their brick-and-mortar counterparts. 

Aside from offering flexibility and mobility, online casinos attract players with generous incentives in the form of bonuses, promotions, and various payment options. And, of course, the casino’s varied game selection where you can pick and choose the latest slot titles, as well as all the above-mentioned casino classics.

Economic Impact

The Zimbabwean gambling industry has a significant impact on the country’s economy. The popularity of gambling initiates the opening of new casinos, which results in new employment opportunities and higher tax revenues. 

In addition, the growth of the gambling industry directly affects tourism growth because the most popular casinos are part of resort hotels.

Online casinos can also make a significant contribution to the local economy. Still, the country needs a defined legal framework that regulates the online gambling space within the country’s borders. 

Tourism and Casinos

Zimbabwe is one of the top exotic destinations for tourists worldwide. But beyond mesmerizing nature and prolific culture, the country is an attractive option for passionate gamblers/travellers. As mentioned earlier, having a casino in a hotel you are staying in is undoubtedly a significant competitive advantage. 

Responsible Gambling Measures

Zimbabwe puts a lot of effort into educating the community about the importance of responsible gambling, especially punters and vulnerable categories. 

Aside from preventing underage betting, operators and the government participate in initiatives mostly headed and realized by the Zimbabwe Responsible Gambling Association, educating people on the risks of irresponsible gambling and providing guidance on how to avoid them. 

Casino Infrastructures

When mentioning casinos, most of us think of luxury and sophistication, not to mention hedonism. Casinos in Zimbabwe offer it all. Aside from rich game selections, casinos in Zimbabwe will seduce you with their luxurious interiors and unique amenities. 

Entertainment Beyond Gambling

Seasoned players would probably agree that a complete casino experience not only includes casino games. Instead, they expect the whole package, a dinner, and a show, so to speak. Therefore, you can expect exquisite meals and live shows, such as concerts in some of the best casinos in Zimbabwe. 

Future Prospects

Given the current state of the gambling industry in Zimbabwe, it’s safe to say it will continue to grow as more and more betting shops and casinos are opened all around the country. 

However, as we already suggested, online gambling is a prospective growth area. So it’s up to the authorities to ”free” it from the grey area, enabling it to contribute to the country’s budget and add to a safer gambling experience. 

Zimbabwe is probably on most travellers’ wish lists; who would not want to experience the wonders of Victoria Falls? But, as we saw, the tourist base can be significantly expanded with the help of a growing casino industry. After all, having tourism and the gambling space as allies is a clear path to economic growth for countries like Zimbabwe. 

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