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iPad gaming continues to grow. It isn’t just video games that are getting popular, but also gambling games. You can use your iPad to log into a popular casino and choose your favorite games. But how can you decide what the best casino games are? Well, we are here to help.

We’ve looked at the most reputable websites, the safest slots, and the best bonuses for iPad casino games, and we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated ones. Let us delve into the top-tier casino games you can play on an iPad without further ado.

1.     Slots

It probably will not shock many of you that slots are the most popular online gambling games. After all, the slot machine dominates the casino world. The game has become a casino staple since the first fruit machine hit New York bars in the late 19th century.

In the late 20th century, slots and poker were the first games to enter the online casino industry. At the time, online slots were simple; you spin a reel and hope for the best. Over the years, however, the games have become a lot more complex and engaging.

Nowadays, you can find slots that feature different reels, multi-reels, complex reels, and even some mini-games. Also, most slots are accompanied by fantastic scores and incredible graphics, making them all the more engaging.

You can undoubtedly find slots at any casino. However, for a top-notch experience, we recommend giving Slots and Casino a look. They offer fast payouts and excellent bonuses and host over 300 quality slot games for your enjoyment.

2.     Live Casino Games

The advent of streaming has been one of the biggest and most essential steps in modern-day entertainment. Nowadays, you can find various free streaming websites apart from those you must pay for. In other words, you can still stream even if you are broke.

Of course, the iGaming industry has taken full advantage of streaming services by introducing live casinos. Blackjack, roulette, and even poker await the live casino options on various websites. But what are live casinos?

Simply put, live casinos are a way for online gambling sites to bring the land-based experience to you. A live dealer controls the game, while players in the live chat interact, make bets, and more. If that sounds like a blast, check out Ducky Luck’s live casino. It is one of the most reputable and beloved ones out there.

3.     Blackjack

No, denying that blackjack has attained unrivaled popularity. While poker may be the most popular card game, blackjack is the most played, at least in casinos. Why? The answer is simple. Blackjack has the best player odds.

Whereas most casino games have a high house edge percentage, blackjack tends to stay below 1%. Very rarely, it rises to around 2%. However, for the most part, it is around 1.5%. In other words, if you’ve ever wondered how to win with only $20 at a casino, the answer is to get good at blackjack.

There are plenty of blackjack casinos you can check out and have a great experience. Our recommendation is to give the Las Atlantis iPad blackjack a try. Mobile friendly, with excellent bonuses, and odds, the Las Atlantis website is among the best choices when gambling using an iPad.

4.     Roulette

Like slots, roulette is undeniably one of the more popular casino games. It is entirely luck-based, iconic, and incredibly fun. Moreover, it is perfect for iPad casinos, thanks to the large board and numerous bets you can place.

It is important to note here that roulette has two notable versions. American and European. American roulette features an extra slot, making the odds more difficult. For some, that might be more interesting. However, others might prefer the low stakes that European roulette has to offer.

In either case, we would like to give another shout-out to Slots and Casino, as it has multiple roulette options, a live dealer roulette, and an excellent bonus for roulette players. It is one of the better options out there.

5.     Video Poker

Understandably, many people compare video poker to the game proper. However, in truth, the game is much closer slots. Video poker combines all of the best elements of 5-card draw poker and slots to create a unique game that fans can enjoy.

If you are looking for various video poker options, Slots.lv is your best bet. Nine poker variants designed to be compatible with an iPad make this your best option. On top of that, you can get your hands on a bonus that goes as high as $7500. Worth checking out.


What are the most popular iPad casino games?

The most popular casino game on an iPad is slots, the most popular game in most casinos.

Can I play poker on an iPad?

Yes. You could play any casino game on an iPad, including poker.

Is Blackjack popular on iPad?

Of course. Blackjack is one of the most popular games on an iPad at casinos.

Do casinos offer iPad bonuses?

Yes. There are plenty of bonuses that you can get at online casinos.

Is there a benefit to playing on an iPad?

The benefit is that you can carry your iPad and access the casino from anywhere.

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