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Epworth teenager stabs fellow learner

A FORM 4 Domboramwari High School pupil was recently arrested and appeared in court for allegedly stabbing four times with an okapi knife a fellow learner following a misunderstanding. 

Honest Chitakunye, 18, was arraigned before the Harare Magistrates’ Courts facing assault charges on Thursday and was remanded in custody for his bail ruling. 

Prosecutor Anesu Chirenje vehemently opposed the granting of bail to Chitakunye insisting that the attack was premeditated. 

It is alleged that on November 9, the accused attended school while carrying the okapi knife and a catapult with two stones. 

Chitakunye allegedly approached the complainant, who was standing at the school’s science laboratory with another learner. 

Prosecutors said Chitakunye stubbornly pushed the complainant’s friend leading to an argument between the trio. 

Chitakunye allegedly pulled out the catapult forcing the complainant and his friend to flee from the scene. 

The accused is alleged to have chased after the duo before catching up with them after a short distance. 

The complainant and his friend allegedly stood their ground in self-defence as a fight broke out. 

It is at this point that Chitakunye is alleged to have pulled out the okapi and stabbed the complainant in the thigh four times leading to his arrest.

Dionne Kanyowa