MSU to set up shop at Mabasa

MIDLANDS State University (MSU) is set to establish another satellite campus at Mabasa Growth Point, just a few kilometres outside the mining town of Zvishavane. 

According to a Runde Rural District Council (RRDC) Master Plan presented by the council chief executive Godden Moyo, the university requested land from the local authority to decentralise some of its faculties that are currently in town. 

MSU already has a satellite campus in central Zvishavane and is now looking to expand its wings in the province.  

“MSU came up with a request for land to decentralise its faculties to Mabasa Growth Point and council were happy to facilitate their proposal that in future would transform the centre to a hive of residential, commercial and educational activities among other benefits,” he said. 

Moyo said work on the Growth Point’s residential extension and its commercial hub is going on with services for the roads on the new residential area having been started and ongoing. 

“Heavy duty machinery is on site to open up access roads on the residential side,” he said. 

Meanwhile, RRDC is working on developing Peri urban settlements to prevent rural homes from advancing into urban zones. 

Zvishavane town is bound by villages that have contributed to haphazard illegal settlements into the Master Plan zone. 

Moyo said council is running projects including Four Miles, Kosvoro Regularisation Plan and Siboza Low density suburb to curb expansion of rural areas into town. 

“Kosvoro area is an area worth mentioning and in dire need of regularisation so as to conform to urban as well as healthy standards.  

“Efforts have been made in the planning realm to urbanise the area and the council eagerly awaits government approval of the regularisation plan,” he said. 

Additionally, Moyo said a skills training centre was proposed, planned and pegged at the Siboza area meant to empower communities with a variety of life skills with intensive farming and industrial products.