ED, Chamisa must heed Church warning


THE Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has spoken quite emphatically on the situation obtaining in the country.

The warning that most Zimbabweans are inching towards agitating for a revolution is both scary and chilling.

The economic situation is driving the majority of Zimbabweans to the brink and urgent action is needed to avert civil unrest.

The only way to extricate the country from the precipice is, as suggested by the ZCC and many other organisations, for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC leader Nelson

Chamisa to engage in dialogue as an urgency of now.
Procrastination is worsening the plight. We need national unity now more than before.

The country needs all the hands of the protagonists on the deck to turn around the comatose economy.

There is no doubt that Zimbabwe can rise from where it is today like the Phoenix and claim its rightful place among the family of nations if Mnangagwa and Chamisa rise above petty political differences, dialogue and work for the good of the country.

The leaders must all swallow their collective pride and begin to look at each other not as enemies, but companions in the quest to bequeath a prosperous nation to posterity.

Besides Mnangagwa and Chamisa, every Zimbabwean must take his or her rightful place and add their effort to national development.

This can only happen if those in the opposition know their space and act accordingly, while the ruling party also knows its space with mutual respect across the board.

The government on its own cannot re-invigorate the economy. It would require a truly national effort that — even if only temporarily — “brings together political, economic and social stakeholders in a collective effort to address the economic crisis”.

Do we really need foreigners to tell us to look at each other first as citizens of the same country and compatriots in the fight against poverty and deprivation that has afflicted our country?

It is a humiliating indictment on this generation and those who will come after it will curse the current leadership and the citizens of our time of being nothing, but a bunch of economic and political saboteurs who never loved their nation.

Zimbabweans can surely do better and we have the necessary intellect to remember that hard work and not “war-war” will resolve our country’s troubles.

The time is now and it is only now that Zimbabweans can rescue our fast melting legacy if not for future generations then for the current one.


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