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Chivaviro experiments with new album

UNITED States-based gospel musician Togarepi Chivaviro, pictured, is putting final touches to his 19th studio album titled The African Social Gospel Volume 1 set for release on January 22.

The official project launch, slated for January 23 in Dallas in Texas, will coincide with the Ebenezer hit-maker’s birthday celebrations.

“Everything is on course, we are now done with recording and busy with mixing. The process involves producers in USA, South Africa and Zimbabwe,” Chivaviro said.

He added that the forthcoming eight-track album will be different from his previous musical projects.

“I have tried a new Zimbabwe traditional sound and I am praying our music family will receive it well. I have discovered that is what makes it (the album) more acceptable outside our Zimbabwean borders and especially this side.

“Fans here don’t prefer artists who sing like them, but rather they prefer artists who are original; those who present a musical flavour depicting their mother countries’ culture,” he said.

To promote the album widely, Chivaviro has engaged the services of 26 online stores, including ITunes, Yahoo Music, Amazon, Spotify, and Deezer, among others to distribute the music.

Chivaviro made a name for himself on the local music scene a decade ago thanks to the popularity of his 10th studio album Ebenezer which became almost an  anthem then.

Chivaviro is no stranger to music experimentation. To come up with the blockbuster Ebenezer hit, Chivaviro collaborated with the veterans of the trade such as Charles Charamba, Bethen Pasinawako-Ngolomi, Rumbi Zvirikuzhe, Kudzi Nyakudya, Mechanic Manyeruke, Noel Zembe and Pastor Lawrence Haisa.

Some of his early albums include Peace, Hope and Love (1999), Power (2000), Best of Rev TT Chivaviro (2006),  The Return (2009)and Ishe Taungana (2013) among others.