Charamba’s music legacy safe. . . as daughters aim high after debut singles

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Maxwell Sibanda 

Assistant Editor 

Gospel music couple Charles and Olivia Charamba are pleased to see their two daughters Shalom and Eternity use their musical talents to worship God after the recent release of their solo debut singles.

Charles said while the two girls are competent composers as well, he had to offer them his compositions for their initial recording as a way of expressing parental goodwill.

He added that as far as Mai Charamba and himself are concerned, the most celebrated aspect is their daughters’ acceptance of Jesus as their personal saviour; nothing beats that as an expectation of Christian parents.

The couple pray that the girls will use their talents to further the interests of heaven and promote national and African pride.

Daily News on Sunday Assistant Editor Maxwell Sibanda spoke to the two songstresses and below are excerpts of the interview.



Q: Your new singles, what are they all about?
Shalom: Mbiri Yose is a song that declares that all the glory should be rendered to Jesus Christ for the sacrifice made on the cross.

Eternity: Tonamata Jesu is a song that affirms our love and commitment towards Jesus Christ. It’s a song in which we exalt Him for who He is in our lives.

Q: How old are you; are you at school?
Shalom: I’m 22 years old and yes, I’m currently doing my final year at university.
Eternity: I’m 18 years old and I’m doing my ‘A’ level.

Q: What was your favourite pastime as you grew up?
Eternity: I liked playing musical instruments and my sisters and I liked imitating what our parents would do on stage.
Shalom: I enjoyed singing at school and playing musical instruments. We also enjoyed travelling to our rural home with our family.


Q: Apart from singing; what is it that you would like to do, profession wise?
Shalom: I’d like to venture into the hotel and tourism business.
Eternity: I want to venture into business management.

Q: Who between your parents inspired you most to sing?
Eternity: Both parents inspired us since they always sing together. We learnt different valuable lessons from each.

Q: Growing up and being kids to a celebrity couple; how did you manage at school, how did your peers take it? How did they treat you? Even the teachers?
Shalom: A virtue we thank God and our parents for instilling in us is humility. So our peers and teachers just treated us as ordinary students. Although we would get a lot of interesting questions like ‘So how does it feel?’, ‘Can you sing too?’ etc


Eternity: Yeah I couldn’t agree more with Shalom. Even when one of our parent’s songs was played in public, everyone would look at us. We’re quite used to it now.

Q: As you grew up, did you sometime team up with your parents and sing at home?
Eternity: Singing together as a family has always been something we both did and enjoyed. And also growing up we would attend their rehearsals and we even featured in their song Mukondombera. My siblings and I also get to learn a lot from our parents during the times we sing as a family.

Q: Which is your favourite song from your father, and then from your mother?
Shalom: That’s a very tough question because we enjoy all of them. But if we’re to pick; ‘Kumakomo’

‘Ngaarumbidzwe’ by Pastor Charamba and, ‘Ndirimunana’ by Mai Charamba.

Eternity: ‘Musoro Wekona’ by Pastor Charamba and ‘I must work’ by Mai Charamba.

Q: Did you sing in the school choir? Which schools did you attend?
Shalom: Yes we both sang in the choir. I went to Alexandra Park Primary School and Howard High School.
Eternity: I also went to the same schools as Shalom. I’m still doing my ‘A’ level at Howard.

Q: On the international front, who is your most influential singer?
Shalom: Judikay and Donnie McClurkin
Eternity: Jekalyn Carr and Sinach

Q: Apart from your parents, which Zimbabwean musician(s) do you enjoy listening to?
Eternity: Pastor Haisa, Rumbi Zhirikuzhe, Janet Manyowa and Pastor Olinda Marowa.
Shalom: Baba Manyeruke, Minister Ellard Cherayi, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave and also Janet Manyowa.

Q: Given time, do you see yourself doing a duet recording with your sister or even your family?
Shalom: Yes, God willing, we would like to have collaborations together, with our siblings and our parents.

Q: Now that you have released your debut single; what is your next project? Are you already working on an album; any videos coming soon?
Eternity: By the grace of God, we will be releasing more singles together with videos and an album later on.

Q: The future; how do you see it; artistically?

Shalom: We hope to keep on ministering through music, adopting different genres. Our siblings will also be leading songs in the future.

Q: Your parents are devout Christians; are you Christians yourselves? Why do you think youths of your age should attend church?

Shalom: Yes I’m a Christian. Youths of my age should attend church because it helps to keep their spiritual lives intact. Moreover they should not just attend church alone but have a personal relationship with God for in Him alone we live, move and have our being.
Eternity: Yes I’m a Christian. Youths my age should attend church because as young people we are exposed to many worldly things, so going to church serves as a reminder to us that God should be the centre of our lives.

Q: The coronavirus lockdown; what have you been busy doing?

Shalom: We have been doing our school assignments and helping our little brothers with their school work.

Eternity: We’ve also been sharpening our musical skills and challenging each other to memorise scriptures.

Q: What would you like to tell those of your age who want to be musicians?
Shalom: We would encourage them first to ask God for guidance. Take your time to perfect your music and have confidence. Trust God’s process because His Word says ‘He will equip you with every good thing to fulfil His will’.

Q: What do you enjoy cooking when at home?
Eternity: I like baking and making different snacks.
Shalom: I enjoy preparing any interesting recipes I find on the internet.

Q: Who is your best vocalist between your parents?
Shalom: We enjoy both of them as they have different vocal strengths that suit the types of songs they sing.

Q: Who composes; writes your songs? How many songs have you written so far?
Eternity: At the moment our father composes our songs. But we will be releasing our own compositions soon. We’ve composed quite a number.

Q: Who backs you when you record?
Shalom: Our sister, two brothers and our parents.

Q: Your parents are leaders of a church; how are you involved in the project? How do you help them?
Eternity: We are part of the praise and worship team. We’ve also been helping out technically with the Facebook live services during the lockdown.

Q: Tell us something new about your parents that we do not know?
Shalom: Our mom likes sewing.

Eternity: And our dad likes teaching Shona and cracking jokes.

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