Bulawayo needs its own online TV

. . . as Covid-19 grounds live gigs


By Tamary Chikiwa

MUSICIANS in the City of Kings are advocating for a Bulawayo version of ‘Nash TV’ saying the Harare television station has greatly assisted artists in the capital during the Covid-19 lockdown.
The musicians said there is a need for a Bulawayo-based online music promoter who can help them showcase their talents during the current lockdown. Zimbabwe is under a hard lockdown which has seen many businesses being put on hold except for essential service providers.

Musicians have not been spared as live shows and street performances are banned. Most musicians, especially in the capital, are conducting online performances mostly with the help of Nash Paints director Tinashe Mutarisi’s Nash TV.

While some Bulawayo-based artists have found their way onto the platform after travelling all the way to Harare, most cannot afford the costs.

Musicians told the Daily News of the urgent need for a Bulawayo based promoter who can help even the not so popular singers to find their way in the market.

Multi-talented artist Mzoe7 said: “As Bulawayo artists we appreciate Nash TV and believe that with time, many of us will get an opportunity to perform there. However, we need our own Nash TV-like initiative dedicated
to raising and promoting musicians in Bulawayo.

This goes a long way in supporting upcoming musicians who are still finding their way in the music industry,” he said.

The Asambeni and Kwasakwasa hit-maker said an online platform “by Bulawayo for Bulawayo” is necessary, especially during the lockdown, as it will market music through the Internet.

Chanter and Zimdancehall artist Emmanuel Majaya, affectionately known as Bovas, said it’s high time Bulawayo takes the lead in music by promoting each other.

“We need our own people coming up to promote us and giving us a platform to showcase our talent. Bulawayo is full of talent but sometimes lack of exposure drags us behind. We salute people like Tinashe Mutarisi for his Nash TV
and we just hope we get our own in Bulawayo,” he said.

Bovas said in the meantime he is pinning his hopes on Harare promoters. Street performer and gospel artist Hlengani Sibanda said a Bulawayo-based promoter will see upcoming artists gaining popularity on the Internet. “Because of the lockdown the music business is now onlinebased and we really need a promoter. Even some of us who usually perform on the streets we will get access to online platforms and gain popularity as we do during physical performances,” he said.

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