Bev speaks on marriage I am not pregnant… Hubby accepts son as family


RAUNCHY dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda said contrary to popular belief that she is pregnant, she is not but she has just gained weight due to the use of contraceptives and also due to inactivity in the opening month of the year.
She went on to send pictures of a pregnancy test which had negative results.
“I’m not pregnant as shown by the pregnancy test. I’m on contraceptive (ndakabaiwa depo) and it makes me gain weight. I have not been active on stage and this again has resulted in weight gain which some now mistook as pregnancy,” she said.
Bev on Thursday tied the knot with her United Kingdom-based lover and they have since moved in together as husband and wife.
She told the Daily News yesterday that her husband has accepted her son as part of the family.
“We have moved in together and he has accepted my past and accepted my son,” she said.
Bev said she will join her husband in the UK but for now she is in the country and will continue performing.
“He allows me to dance, meaning I will continue with the trade. I will join him in the UK but for now I’m here,” she said.
She said she will keep some intimate details of her marriage, including where they met and how much he paid for lobola a secret for now.
“I will not be sharing all the details now, people will get to know the details of the marriage later,” she said.
Social media was blazing with the news of the marriage and wedding with people coming in with different opinions.
Her most trusted lieutenant and manager Hapaguti “Hapaz” Mapimhidze said Bev’s marriage has come in to bolster their long standing argument that dancers are human despite the negative perception they receive.
“We have always made it a point that people should look beyond the dances. As dancers president I’m happy that this proves several people wrong. They always have a negative perception of dancers but when one of our own does the right thing they cast a blind eye,” he said.

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