Baba naMai Bibi soldier on alone


COMEDIANS Bothwell Mwanandimai and Thelma Mukonza, popularly known as Baba naMai Bibi, said they will soldier on despite breaking ranks with other popular fi gures such as Lorraine Guyo. They have also separated with social media personality Thomas Chizhanje, who was their script writer. The two have developed a profi le with their skits under the Baba naMai Bibi characters and they said they were not looking back. “We are not stopping. The people love our work judging by the response we are getting,” Mwanandimai said.
He said their skits are meant to educate and entertain society on various subjects, among them family disintegration. “We are releasing our latest episode on Friday. Our aim is to educate people through entertainment, touching on various social subjects,” he said. Mai Bibi is not new to fi lm and drama, having featured in productions such as Muchaneta and Confl icts. She said their focus is to grow their brand as the entertainment of choice and they are confi dent they will make it. “Our aim is to be diff erent in the way we do things. I believe diversity is the way to go and people are enjoying our productions, judging by the messages we
are getting,” she said. She said they are focusing more on educational subjects, among them abuse in the home. “We focus on issues that affect people on a daily basis such as abuse. Both men and women suff er abuse and we need to talk about it,” she said.

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