Author pens 2nd motivational book


AFTER receiving a 2020 Noble Citizen Award among other African youths, talented writer Tendai Dara will officially launch his second book titled Turning Point next month.

Dara, who is a third year student at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust) and a beneficiary of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (Icaz) Vimbiso scholarship fund, published his first book titled The Success Pyramid through which he was ranked among the Southern African Development Community Top 100 most influential young people.

In an interview with the Daily News Dara said the new book is a self-discovery or rediscovery manual that will help readers reorient their lives to God’s purpose for creation.

“Since 2018, I have received several awards for my work and commitment to help young people unleash the potential within them and these include the 2019 Sadc Top 100 most influential young people, Youngest Mentor of the Year — Cape Town and the recent 2020 Noble Citizen Award,” he said.

He added that the new publication “is your remedy to live a purpose-centred life and it is the mirror to the true self; it should help one reorient their present life to God’s purpose for creation so as to find a meaning for their life.”

Dara said his personal background drove him to pen down this piece of work because he came from nothing to become one of the most significant voices in Africa.

The young writer however said he had to strike a balance between work and his personal commitments. “Considering the current economic situation, I also faced some financial problems to pay my graphic designers and editors but thank God for downloading new innovative ideas in my mind because these have …generated some funds for me.”

He said The Success Pyramid is a dedication to his mother for all her relentless efforts to make sure that he achieves the life of his dreams.

His life is the inspiration to this piece of writing because he struggled from the day his parents divorced to the day God elevated him. He started working for his own school fees from the time he was in Grade 7 until Advanced Level.

“I feel humbled for the recognitions I have received so far because I never believed that God could make someone out of a poor boy like me.

“I am only 23 years but my work and inspirational stories have reached the uttermost parts of the world with some of it being translated to Arabic.”

Dara was born and raised in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe and having been raised by a single mother, he grew up with a burning desire to help other less privileged children to unleash the greatness within them.

He was awarded the Noble Citizen Award for his humanitarian work with young people in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, India, Rwanda and Ghana after having been also listed on the Top 50 emerging speakers from Africa by a South African magazine.

“I do self- publishing under my personal brand called Speaker Tendai Dara and I chose this route because it allows me to have control of my work and it is also cost effective thus my books are available on Amazon and Lulu bookstores although most of the marketing work happens when I do my public speaking engagements,” he said.

“I also have friends in seven African countries, and these are contact people to get all my work.”
His near future plans include having his work translated into 54 languages by 2028 and since he is a chartered accountant in the making he hopes to also start writing more of business and become a business speaker as well.

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